We met at University. I was young and innocent. He was sweet and caring. He was going to be in a profession which promised big bucks. I asked him when we were seeing each other, ‘What will you do with your money in the future? You will have lots of them.’ He answered, ‘I will give my wife and children.’ Bingo! The answer was correct!

After university I got married to him after working a year as a preschool teacher. Got pregnant the same year and had a beautiful girl the next year. Two years later we had a baby boy. I announced ‘factory closed’ and thought my life was perfect. I believed true love and good men did exist and I had got them both.

He was the most caring and loving husband. He would tell me how his work was and listened to how my day had been. We would talked about silly things and joked. There were no communication problems. Being an introvert as he is, he doesn’t have many friends. I should say he had no friend at all except me. Or so I thought. I thought he only opened himself to me and I felt like I am the special one.

My family and friends felt the same! They were so happy for me that I had found myself a husband who was nearly perfect: he was attentive to my needs, caring to my family, so hands-on with the baby, and brought home rice in the bowls abundant. What more could a wife ask for?

I am a simple person. My needs are basic. While his peers’ wives are leading luxurious lives, driving big cars, wearing expensive shoes and carrying leather handbags which can cost an arm and a leg, I am still myself. I don’t need all these. I am contented with a caring husband, healthy children and a warm household.

But that only lasted 10 years.


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