Poisonous relationship

11 years ago, on 15 july you suddenly said you will appear again when you are ready to talk. And you disappear for 15 days. I was not able to reach you in any ways. Your brother texted me and asked if there was anything he could help. I didnt say anything about you missing in action. Those days were like hell to me. I wasnt able sleep and eat. And didnt know who to talk to. A few days later, You reappeared and said you couldn’t get married. And you were not able to give any reasons. My heart was broken, i was so scared. I panicked, i didnt know what to do. I booked airticket immediately to fly on my last day of work. One senior brother in church called and asked me to reconsider this relationship. He thought you might not be a good person to marry. So it turned out, there was another woman in your life, you suddenly fell in love with her and kicked me aside just like that. It didnt matter to you how hurt i was and how helpless i was. It didnt bother you.

Last year. August. Exactly the same thing happened. All of a sudden you didnt talk to me. You slept in the children room and came home after 3 am every night. With no explanation. What reasons could there be? True enough, there are other women. And evidence was very concrete.

I am your wife, by marriage vow we are connected. And i should be the most important person in your life, yet you can push me and step on me anytime like a doormat.

You said you wanted to move on. Who is going to compensate me for all those hurt? Why must i be just hurt and forgive?

You are fucking exactly the same as your idiot fathet! He left home anytime he wanted to be with any other woman. And not apologetic even if he got found out. And came home anytime when no one wanted him anymore, his whole life. My mil was a doormat. She was a pushover. She said there was no way out for her from this poisonous relationship. She swallowed all the sorrow and died of cancer. She didnt have the courage to leave that poisonous idiot.

What about me? I have plans.

I dont want my son to subconsciously think its ok to treat his wife that way and hurt anyone like nobody’s business. I need to break this curse for him. And i need to protect my girl from thinking that all woman must suffer and crying everyday for a bad husband is ok and normal. It is not!

Sorry kids i got you such a bad dad as an example. But i promise i will get you out of this and get you a new life. Your father is good for nothing. But you are not. You are my most precious and you will forever be.

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