Out for an adventure

So it’s my birthday again. Instead of feeling miserable and sobbing at home, I booked myself a little trip to Medan. I will be getting liposuction and fat transfer to my breasts! Looking forward to tomorrow!!

To bring list:

  1. passport
  2. money
  3. online banking token
  4. credit cards
  5. phone
  6. breast pumps
  7. change of clothes, must be loose
  8. compression garments
  9. skin care and toiletries
  10. bath towel (not neccesary as it is provided)
  11. laptop
  12. laptop and phone charger

To do list before trip:

  1. book airticket- i use Jetstar and it costs $150 from Singapore to Medan
  2. start taking yunnan bai yao (bought in Chinatown) for bruises and swelling 3 days before surgery
  3. increase credit card/ bank daily transfer limit to 20k
  4. activate overseas usage for debit card/ credit card
  5. activate sms and voice overseas roaming
  6. confirm airport pickup and accommodation
  7. book grabhitch the night before (in the end i just grab. Grabhitch drivers are not reliable sometimes.)

I am ready to go!

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