Growing breasts with my own fat


Continued from the last post, I went for my pre-op consultation when Dr Arthur explained in details about lipo suction and fat grafting, the techniques he used, possible risks and post op care. When the consultation was done, i was brought to the operation room for photo taking and marking. Dr Arthur is a humorous doctor and he told me he is going to make rude comments like in all his other videos and he asked me not to cry. He is not rude at all and in fact kind and caring. He asked me for what I wanted my breasts to be big and if I regretted my decision then I can still call it off and got refunded. I said no, i wanted to go ahead.


After the marking I was to climb up the operation table. A few jabs were administered into different parts of my body. Those were the local anesthetic drugs and  sedative. They were a bit painful but bearable. I remembered I read that some other bloggers who went to Dr Arthur could sleep through the whole operation and woke up to take pictures. But it didnt happen for me! I started screaming and crying about the pain during the fat aspiration LOL. The nurses kept stroking my arms and head to comfort me but it was still fucking painful. I asked doctor to give me more sedative but he said everything was already in. Dr Arthur was so funny, he asked me to bear with the pain and said I was paying for my bad karma now. I said i was quite good and I had enough pain for the two natural delivery during childbirth. He asked me to bear with the pain and I might win lottery after this. LOL!


After Dr Arthur was done with the left side, he stopped to record a video before continuing with the right side. My right breast was obviously smaller to begin with and was still smaller after the fat transfer as I didnt have enough fat from my torso. If I come back again, more fat will be filled into the right breast to equalize the volume.


After the surgery, I was cleaned up and the nurse dressed the wounds and binded my abdomin for me. I bought a tummy binder which I thought was good but it was not at all. I got it from a shop at Chinatown when i was buying the yunnan baiyao but it is cotton material. The shop owner said cotton material is good and breathable. It is not the case for compression garment. I need to buy a proper one when I go back.

I was brought back to my room on the 2nd storey after cleaning up. And nurse had already ordered porridge for dinner for me. It was cold so I had it microwaved. There is a living room with drinking water, milo, fruits in the fridge and microwave for us to use. I could still walk around no problem. The pain was not that bad and it’s mainly in the tummy and lower back. Only thing is that the tummy bind is tight it’s not easy to get up from bed. Nurse asked why I didn’t ask my husband to come together so he can be of some help. Well I wish he cared! He didn’t even ask me why I was going to Medan. If he had cared I might have higher self esteem and not have to go through this.

Everything is going to be OK, I am taking good care of myself!

After dinner I took my medicine and went to sleep. This ended the first day in Medan.





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