Second day was basically eat and sleep. I woke up when the maid brought breakfast to my room. Nurse told me to go down and do the drainage massage before eating so i walked down. She was gentle enough but my whole torso and breasts were still damn sore. She told me to bear with it. She talked to me about her life and I talked about mine. Time passed by quickly. After the massage, Dr Arthur came to check on me and everything was OK. Then I walked to the operation room again to take the post op one day video which i will link here:


He told me to keep massaging my breasts to spread out the fat and I can start using the breast pump I brought with me the next day. I went back to my room after that and the whole day I was basically eating, taking medicine, napping, then eating again, medicine again and so on. I brought my laptop with me and managed to do some works and watched some funny movies. I was in a loose gown provided by the clinic the whole day, so if you are planning to come for surgery you dont need to bring a lot of clothes actually.

On the third day after breakfast, I went for massage and Dr Arthur checked on me. Another patient had arrived and I will see if I will have dinner company tonight. After that I got changed and ready to go Sun plaza for a walk. I planned to wash my hair and have lunch there. I called Grab and it took less than 10 mins to reach. Hair wash was nice and it costs 600,000 rupiah which was very cheap. Lunch was good, i had ayam penyet and also bought more for dinner.




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